trimmOne LITE

trimmOne LITE, charging cable, mount

Solar Charger Bundle
Solar Charger, rubber ring set

Speed Sensor Bundle
Speed Sensor, rubber ring set


Why can’t a cycling computer
with navigation be affordable?
Only trimmOne LITE can answer this question.
All of the features in one product at a breakthrough price.
The high price of a cycling computer will no longer interfere with riding.
Costs Light,
Performs Heavy

199.00 USD

Light and refreshing riding
trimmOne LITE is thin, light, and boasts a large screen.
The large 3.2-inch, 200 dpi resolution screen
with high color contrast enables intuitive riding.
Experience a new concept cycling computer that is both light (58g) and thin (9.9mm).


Online Map & Smart Navigation

Easily plan routes on the trimm Cyling Center app with up to 30 way points.
Find the optimal path to your destination based on the most recent
OpenStreetMap tm.

Once the route is set, a network connection is no longer required
thanks to offline caching technology.
What you expect
from a cycling navigator
What happens when you go off
from the planned route?

Do you want to reroute
from the current location?
Never lose your way again.
trimmOne LITE immediately suggests a new route
from your current location.
This is the navigator that you can truly rely on.

A single charge is good
for multiple rides

The trimmOne LITE device has
innovative battery management
with industry leading battery life.
Functions for up to 50 hours on a single charge
when using the speed sensor for GPS tracking.
Without the speed sensor, operation is 15 hours.


trimmOne LITE
Single Mode


timm One LITE
Compatible with
speed sensor

timm One LITE
with Solar Charger

World’s first Solar-Charging Cycling Computer

With our Run-Forever solar charging technology,
the solar power produced allows trimmOne LITE to operate without recharging.
As long as the sun is shining trimmOne LITE will never tire, just like you.
trimmOne Solar Charger

Most Efficient & More Convenient
The trimm Cycling Center app automatically synchronizes data during your trip.
Gone are the days when you needed a pc to synchronize.
When you change the settings on your trimmOne LITE device (including data field display and sensor connections)
they will be reflected on the trimmCycle app.
Everything is done on the fly so you can focus on the ride.
trimm Cycling Center App


The cycling ecosystem matters
trimmOne LITE takes the cycling ecosystem seriously.
It supports bluetooth, ANT+, and is compatible with 3rd party sensors,
including speed sensors, cadence sensors, power meters,
heart rate monitors and more.

It also works with Strava.
Share the joy of cycling with your friends.

You are always connected.


Don’t miss out on important messages during your ride.
trimmOne receives
Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Line, iMessage,
SnapChat, Telegram and Kakao Talk notifications,

not to mention phone calls.

Go everywhere and explore the world.
trimmOne works anywhere on the globe.

trimmOne supports
English, Español, Française, Português, Italiano,
Deutsch, Dutch, 中文, 日本語, 한국어.

Contact us for more languages support.

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