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trimmRollin, charging cable, mount


The purpose of trimm is
providing a safe and enjoyable experience for anyone
who enjoys riding a bike.

ROLLIN helps everyone start biking.

No more worries.
High-tech electronics at a more affordable price!
ROLLIN guides you to begin your safe ride.

We thought about how to make a cycling computer
that is optimized for everyone’s bikes.

The emergence of popular speedometers
with map navigation

Bike Lane
Priority for bicycle roads

Road Bike
Priority for main streets
(shortest distance)

Mountain biking only

Real-time re-routing function.
Don’t worry if you get off-path from your pre-planned course..
Anyone can make mistakes, and we recheck for the best route in real time.
Anti-deviation works in real time,
instantly re-routing you to the best new route to your destination,
even if you deviate from the original route..

New wider display.
Bigger and easier
with an intuitive 2.7-inch screen
for quick checks.

On/Offline map.
Even in areas where there is
no network connection,
offline caching allows you to ride
wherever you want.

‘Separate’ but ‘together’
Send your path in the desired file format
without any complicated processes.
(GPX, TCX, FIT files)

Surrounding map screen
Not just the route,
but the entire map around it
makes it easier to understand
the map screen.

Powerful customization.
Customize it with a data field that suits you.

Aren’t you tired of the same course every day?
Alone! Or in a group!

Easily explore any unfamiliar routes with trimm ROLLIN.

5PIN charging
Guaranteed up to 15 hours of riding on
just 2 hours of charge.

Future altitude
Future altitude graph
up to 3 km ahead of the set route

Riding APP pairing
Compatibility with Strava, Komoot,
TrainingPeaks, RWGPS and auto-upload available.
* Strava segment Support

Smart watch pairing
Heart rate sensor
with Bluetooth and ANT+ pairing,
as well as heart rate automatic linkage
through smart watches

Recommended for
· Those who were hesitant because of complicated instructions
· Those who have a bicycle speedometer
  but feel unsatisfied with its limited functions
· Those who were thinking about purchasing a bicycle speedometer
  but were hesitant because of price

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